Cosmetic Treatment

Our experienced team are always pleased to help you improve your smile. There is no need to be self conscious about how your teeth look, there are many ways to make your teeth healthy and attractive.

White fillings

Composite white fillings are taking over from amalgam (grey) fillings. With modern, advanced, high quality composite materials, most routine fillings can be made to blend in with your natural teeth and last for many years.
Ceramic Crowns, Veneers and Bridges
For teeth that have greater damage, ceramic restorations provide a strong, durable and attractive way of repairing your teeth. All-ceramic restorations do not have a metal substructure and generally look a lot better than traditional metal or metal-ceramic crowns.

Tooth whitening

One way of making your teeth look lighter is by whitening. Professional tooth whitening is a safe and effective way of doing this.
Zoom! Is a popular whitening system that is used in the surgery.
An alternative is Home Whitening. Your dentist provides you with all you need to carry out this treatment and under their guidance, you carry out the whitening at home.
Ask your dentist for a consultation to assess your suitability for tooth whitening

Cosmetic Treatment Stroud

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