Dentistry is a very complex service to provide a price list for.
The differences in every tooth and every patient mean that the cost of a specific treatment may be totally different from one patient to the next.
To give some guidance, the list below provides some price ranges for different treatment options.
For your individual requirements any treatment that is proposed will be accompanied by a printed estimate.

Treatment Standard Price Member Price
New Patient Consultation including routine X-rays £90 Included
New Patient Hygiene Appointment 30mins £68 Included
Routine Examination £46 Included
Routine X-rays £32 Included
Routine Hygiene appointments £68 Included
Silver Fillings from £92 from £73
White Fillings from £92 from £73
Root Canal Treatment from £275 from £220
X-rays from £20 from £16
Crowns and Veneers from £660 from £528
Dentures from £1040 from £830
Extractions from £138 from £110