When will my dentist open?

By 24th May 2020News

This Tuesday will mark the 9th week since we had to close our doors to routine dental treatment for our patients.
During this time I have been dealing with numerous abscesses, lost fillings, infected wisdom teeth, infected gums, swollen faces, broken braces and many more less serious problems.
All being experienced by those people that have put their trust in us to keep their mouths healthy and safe. Everything provided remotely, no face to face treatment as directed by our governing bodies.

Supplying patients with temporary filling kits, Antibiotics, Replacement retainers, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Advice and reassurance

Not the way we want to look after you, but it is what we have been told to do.

We are now beginning to see our country come out of lockdown. Hopefully with caution, but we have all seen that our towns and parks are busier and the beaches are sometimes full.

Questions that I am now hearing daily are “when will dentists be allowed to open?”, “when can you mend my tooth?” and all I can honestly say is “I don’t know”
Not very helpful and not very reassuring for the patient with the swollen face on her second course of antibiotics. I do commend everyone’s understanding and patience even when in severe pain for days. I am not sure I could be if I was in a similar situation.

Currently there is no guidance for dentists in England as to when or how we will open, Wales have a plan, Scotland have a plan and Ireland have a plan.
Here we are still waiting for one! Hopefully it will come soon.

However, like many of our colleagues across the country, we are working behind the scenes developing our own plans, all in preparation for when we have permission to see you again.

The team here at Rowcroft have great experience of how to look after ourselves and our patients. Cross infection control and the use of PPE is something the dental profession have been dealing with to the highest stands for years and we know how to do it.

Covid-19 is a ‘game changer’ though, and we realise that we will need to change the way we work to reduce risk and keep everyone safe.
The need for social distancing will mean the process will be measured and gradual and it will all look rather different from how we were doing things 10 weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a date for when we will open our doors again, but it is getting closer.
Once we know more we will be in touch to explain all the new measures, but in the meantime if you need ANY assistance please call or email me at the practice.

Jolyon House